Workshops: School Bookings

A Print Club workshop showing all the basics you need to making stunning screen prints - mixing ink, playing with squeegees and creating simple paper stencil techniques. This can be delivered in your school on a day of your choosing, for £250 for the day (max 10 students) and 50 pence per mile expenses, all materials are included in the workshop fee.

I can also offer a workshop using the photo-emulsion exposure system, which allows for images to be exposed directly onto the screens from prepared artworks, the finished artworks can be emailed to me and printed onto acetates to expose on to the screen. This workshop also includes a half day fee of £125 for artwork/screen preparation time.

Screen printing is a brilliantly flexible medium and is especially useful for developing and strengthing understanding of composition and lay out, colour theory, graphic design as well being adaptable and transferable to most themes and ideas.

For any queries or bookings ring Iain on 07725236208 or email: